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Miriam Richardson


It was a winter stay by the river in Reefton, on The West Coast.

We are allowed 2 consecutive nights (certified self-contained). Right next door is the hotel which is a free pop (if you buy something in the hotel), so you can swap between these two if you want a longer stay in Reefton.

There’s a lovely walk along the river, past the summer pool to the camping ground.

Return via the main street, Broadway, which has a number of cafes each with food worth a try.

(Image, Broadway, Stewart Nimmo, CC BY-SA 4.0)

There’s lots of historical interest here. The visitors’ centre has engaging historical work on the coal mines which gave us this town, including a replica underground mine. Reefton was the first town in NZ to get electric street lights, powered by the Reefton Power Station on the Inangahua River, way back in 1888. There are several walking tracks, including one to the site of the power station, a tramping track, and track for experienced off-road cyclists.

Snow on the hills behind Reefton. ©2023 M Richardson

Uncredited photos ©2023 M Richardson


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