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Winter 2024



Camping The Kiwi Way, Winter 2024

We enjoyed Autumn
The dangers of carbon monoxide
Composting and coddiwompling
RV businesses and services

Where are we at with self-containment and freedom camping?

If you do not want to freedom camp you do not need the new green warrant. The existing blue standard and blue warrant is still acceptable for all other places that require certified self-containment (so far).

assume the new laws apply everywhere

More for councils and govt

Articles related to government activity, and camping in action.

Who can freedom camp from now until 7 June 2025?

Certified Blue before 7/7/23, and not expired. Fixed or portable toilet.
Certified Blue before 7/7/24, and not expired. Fixed toilet only.
Green Warrant

Featured content, Winter 2024

We enjoyed Autumn
The dangers of carbon monoxide
Composting and coddiwompling
RV businesses and services


I have been enjoying following along on Facebook the many campers who aren’t intimidated by the season and are planning to continue camping in Winter.

keep warm, keep camping, keep enjoying

Getting your camping vehicle certified

NZ’s independent national network for self-containment certification.
With a national network of more than 170 self-containment testing officers

Table of contents

A clickable list of all the articles

The road less travelled: ten lessons learned on the road

Three years ago we decided to trade the hustle and bustle of everyday life for the open road. ©2024 Two Kids and a Caravan

time to dream up and follow through on ridiculous ideas


Autumn stories from around New Zealand

On the cycle trail at Bannockburn

On the cycle trail at Bannockburn. ©2023 Andrew Morton

Folding electric bike in the middle of nowhere

Just met a 75 year old lady on an electric folding bike in the middle of nowhere. ©2024 Stephen Wood

Skippers Canyon

Quite happy to have taken the tour and not my truck up Skippers Canyon. ©2024 Trisha Fisk

What you need for a green warrant for freedom camping

The seven requirements

Am I freedom camping?

You may be surprised to learn when you are and aren’t actually freedom camping

Longslip Station

Well, how’s this for a welcome back into the Mackenzie Basin! — Longslip Station, Lindis Pass. ©2024 Shellie Evans.


Martin got the winning photo of the birds last weekend. Fantail. ©2024 Martin Butler

Fire circle

Fire circle on a still Autumn night. Magical. 
©2024 Bette Cosgrove

Planning a toilet for the freedom camping green warrant?

There are multiple fixed toilet options to meet your space and budget.

capacity to hold enough waste for 3 days

Clydesdales at Erewhon

A fabulous Clydesdale wagon ride one winter at Erewhon. ©2024 M Richardson

Greg's Eye at Rays Rest

Friday evening and Saturday morning at Rays Rest. It never disappoints. © 2024 Greg Lokes. More on FB: Greg's Eye:

Rays Rest never disappoints

Venting a toilet cassette: why, what, when and how

The new regulations require all black waste tanks to be vented, including those tanks that are part of a cassette-type toilet.

The laws and regulations only apply to freedom camping.

Got run off the road

Got run off the road last weekend. ©2024 Vanessa Parkinson

Ballooning in Canterbury

Today was an early start to ballooning in Canterbury. ©2024 Tony Knights. Ballooning Canterbury

The top of Dansey’s Pass

The top of Dansey’s Pass (935 metres) looking out toward Oamaru 50 kms in the distance. ©2024 Tony Kissel

Rugby at Mt Somers

Campers enjoying a local rugby game at Mt Somers. See p31. ©2024 Linda Butler

Keeping up with self-containment

Articles from this issue and earlier issues on self-containment and freedom camping: changes, what to do, what to be ware of.

This issue and the last issue

Beautiful vintage buses and trucks

Lots of beautiful vintage buses and trucks in the morning mist ©2024 Rv and Tiny House Living NZ

To the top of the Ahuriri Valley

A nice walk to the top of the Ahuriri Valley, I had the place to my self. ©2024 Tony Kissel

A wrap

Time to start heading back south after weeks cycling. Bike packed for this afternoon’s bus trip. ©2024 Stephen Wood

My stew is bubbling

My stew is bubbling on the fire... ©2024 RV and Tiny House Living NZ

Composting and coddiwompling

I’m about to swap out my portable toilet for a composting waterless toilet in my camper van.

How about the smell?

Hakataramea Pass

©2024 David Liddall

Only getting in 123 Watts

Well some days it makes no difference at all how much solar you have on the roof. ©2024 Allan Henderson

Moving camp

When you decide to move camp to a sunnier spot mid morning. ©2024 Beverley Stoneley

Glendhu Bay, Lake Wanaka

Glendhu Bay camping ground ©2024 M Richardson

The phone is beautiful

Take phone to a beautiful lake-edge perch... © 2024 M Richardson

Winter meals on the road

The weather was getting colder and we were keen to have warm evening meals.

for those colder evenings

Hakatere Conservation Park

I have fond memories of camping in the Hakatere Conservation Park, near Ashburton in the South Island. ©2024 Fiona Thomson

breathtakingly beautiful

Cycle camping

Cycle camping with a teardrop and a fly. ©2024 Andrew Morton

Carbon Monoxide poisoning

The problem is that RV owners are not taking risks sufficiently seriously. Here’s the facts.

The problem is that RV owners are not taking risks sufficiently seriously

Post box at Rays Rest

Ray’s Rest. It never disappoints. More p11©2024 Greg Lokes FB: Gregs Eye

Packing the van for Booktown

Packing the van for a weekend at the Featherston Booktown Karukatea Festival 2024. ©2024 Bette Cosgrove

Walking the race

I was parked up alone at the Pupu Hydro Power Scheme carpark on a Winter morning. ©2024 M RIchardson

a board perched on the outer edge of the race

Staying safe solo

Travelling alone and walking alone has risks and being in places with no mobile coverage has its risks.

Fixing a soft floor on a UK Caravan

UK caravan floors sometimes get spongy or soft. I found the repair job relatively simple to carry out.

Touch wood, I have now fixed the soft patch in my floor


Interesting way to launch boats. ©2023 Dave Adamson

Close the gate

Them: Please close the gate. ©2024 Dave Adamson

Watts & Amps Some basic science behind using electricity when camping

Using electricity safely while camping requires some basic knowledge. This article explains some of the science behind this.

campers need really fat cables going the shortest possible distances

Kiwi camping coven

Six solo camping women gathered beside the camp fire one autumn evening at the Viking Odyssey Weekend in Norsewood.

six solo camping women from 54 to 74 years old

This thing is huge

An elephant seal down in the harbour this afternoon. ©2024 Tony Kissel

Winter tips from our previous issues

Winter tips never go out of date.

favourite tips and tricks for cold

A weekend at Mt Somers

"What an awesome bunch of happy campers. Fabulous weekend, weather was great, company great."

an awesome bunch of happy campers

Diesel heating in caravans and motorhomes – 
it’s easy, effective and safe

Easy, effective and safe, relatively affordable and easy to self-install.

easy, effective and safe

Home brew spirits

Like many hobbies and interests you can keep it simple or get into it seriously.

Cheers and bottoms up

Flaxmere Garden

The beauty of belonging to a camping group is we get to camp at amazing private venues.

No one seemed in a hurry to get away

Thermettes: 2 litres in 2 minutes

Now it is winter most fire bans are off, though the lure of outdoor fire is not as strong.

oh for a beautiful copper thermette

Tips for campers

Disposing of empty small LPG canisters, calculating the rear axle load for rear bicycle racks, iOverlander.

some random tips

NIWA Winter climate outlook 2024

What is in store for us this winter.

Lake Wardel

Autumn snow behind Lake Wardel, a free camping spot near Twizel, McKenzie Country. ©2022 M Richardson

freedom camping

Camping at Wanaka

A beautiful place for Autumn colours and snow on the mountains, yet surprisingly mild, at least this year.

Autumn colours and snow on the mountains

What is KiwiCamp?

What started out as a pay-for-what-you-need set of camper facilities has evolved.

a convenient way to pay

Staying safe as you travel

Roads, weather, fire, electricity, LPG, CO, when walking

Mountains have their own fingerprints

Understanding how to visualise the contour lines represent may help you to determine the terrain ahead.

DOC update

Recent news from the Department of Conservation

Stop and stay in winter

Places that provide poor-weather activities onsite or nearby.

for the rainy days

Five days from Alex to Cromwell

For a leisurely trip from Alexandra to Cromwell, enjoy these freedom camping spots along the way.

a free, leisurely trip

Comfort Zone, Whakatane

Comfort Zone is one of those properties you will just want to keep coming back to.

wave on your way in and wave on your way out

Camping events

Find a camping event you can participate in.

come and join in


What’s on around the country.

something for everyone

Game: DOC campsites, 2

There are 28 DOC sites in the area shown in the map. How many have you been to?

how many have you visited>

Camping and RV Businesses Services

Need something done on your camper? Need self-containment? A national online register.

need some helop?

National services for travellers

Wherever you are in the country, find people to help.

wherever you are in NZ...

All Points Camping

NZ’s inclusive, friendly, camping club.

come along my friends, come along...

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