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Camping The Kiwi Way, Spring 2023
The full list of articles and stories
By and for campers
Grandad’s Grandad’s caravan
A caravan travels through five generations.
Our two granddaughters will grow up going camping with Granddad’s Granddad’s caravan.
The Homestead, St Bathans
I’ve been enjoying a few days away at one of my favourite spots, The Homestead Campsite near Saint Bathans.
The Homestead Campsite
Uncertain times, but enjoy our country to the max.
make the most of our camping opportunities, whatever they are
Building a connected NZ camping and tourism industry
To ensure a sustainable recreational camping industry related interest groups need to be more engaged and appreciative of the issues each group faces.
There is underlying energy and enthusiasm
At the beach
10 Tips for safe caravan towing
Here are 10 tips for safe towing: caravans and their tow vehicles have much the same accident rates as other forms of motor transport, their main type of accident, jack-knifing, however, is different.
Their main type of accident is jack-knifing
The only ones at Lake Pukaki
I can’t believe we are the only ones at Lake Pukaki tonight. So incredibly grateful to have captured these skies.
So incredibly gratefu
Lake Monowai campsite
Our small family of 3 set up camp in a quiet and secluded paradise in the heart of Fiordland National Park
our most favourite freedom camping site yet
Why not stop and stay a while?
Introducing Stop and Stay, where to stop when travelling and camping in NZ — use it, share it, add to it.
a growing, nationwide, Stop and Stay listing for campers and travellers
Easy-to-make flat breads — Recipes for camping
These recipes come from the fabulous book New Zealand Backcountry Cooking by Paul and Rebecca Garland.
On the BBQ or in a frying pan
Cooking with fire
NZ Fun Adventures was pleased to see so many outdoor enthusiasts join with us for this, now annual, event in our events calendar.
So many outdoor enthusiasts Cooking with Fire
Pros and Cons of full time family travel
We get heaps of people message us and ask about the pros and cons of travelling full time so we thought we’d put pen to paper and share the highs and lows of full time travel with kids
We don’t see this adventure ending for many more years
More cold season tips
Sharing our best hacks which made life so much easier on a recent Matariki vanning trip.
Made life so much easier
A small, beautiful cassette toilet
There is a cassette toilet in that beautifully crafted cabinet.
Winter adventures
Winter doesn’t mean the end of camping adventures! Instagram
Freedom camping & self-containment status, spring 2023
The short version
Things have changed
Freedom camping: who does what
The structure of the self containment system.
Update: Self-containment and freedom camping changes
The Government’s recent changes to Freedom Camping and self-containment certification are now being implemented. These changes mean that over the next 18 to 24 months new regulations may impact your freedom camping.
Testing officers and councils have a lot to work through over the next few months to manage and apply the multiple systems.
Freedom camping under the new law
There are new penalties and some exemptions. Are you homeless, or making a lifestyle choice? Who gets fined and how they are notified. The law is vague. Councils and enforcement officers have to make it work.
Issues in making this real
Cooking on the road: planning food for…off the road
A 4-day camp adventure at Lake Tarawera Hot Water Beach, a long way from roads and power: how to manage the food?
I decided to pre-prepare the meals then flat pack freeze them
Thinking about your overnight park
Do you park your camper facing outwards? (Quick evac if needed.) Or just how you feel?
Seasoned campers do all these things naturally...
The Desert Road
The Desert Road On our first road trip with our new caravan. We made it successfully from Wellington to Whangarei.
New caravan
Freedom inside the fence
We were looking for a freedom park for the night, but following the recommendation of friends we came here, through the big gates, to this pest-free reserve and we discovered it was so much more than a parking spot.
It’s own electric tripwire surveillance system
Small town: Waiau
A small, North Canterbury, gem of a town, with friendly, welcoming locals, walks, exhibits, cycle rides, shops and free overnighting. Perfect for a couple of nights. Or more.
A gem of a town
Small town New Zealand: Find the words Puzzle
From North and South Islands see how many you recognise.
Have you been there?
A small paint kit, a few good brushes…
I have found that it is the obscure, forgotten little places that hold the most interest and subject material for paintings and rewarding experiences.
The obscure, forgotten little places
This is the story of three types of self-contained vehicles…
Baby Bear, Mama Bear and Papa Bear campers
Three bears and no porridge
The Aeropress: quality coffee with an easy clean up
No more sloppy grinds in the bottom of the waste bucket. No more looking for bushes to throw them under.
Your perfect cuppa, and compact in the cupboard
A Classic
Geraldine Classic Caravan Club
Mobile cell towers
Ever wondered where the nearest cell tower is?
Two uses
The saying goes that everything you take in your motorhome should have 2 uses.
Around my own back yard
I’ve always dreamed of travelling around my own back yard in a van and I finally did!
My solo adventure began on my 20th birthday
The smallest church
We visited New Zealand’s smallest church.
Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference to quality of life.
One of the better $40 I’ve spent.
Why Caravans roll over… and how to prevent it
An explanation in detail of every aspect of tow vehicle and caravan stability.
A simple way to assess the likely stability of your own rig
EVENTS — Camping
Camping events coming up
EVENTS — Festivals and Shows
Festivals and shows coming up
RV & Camper business services
Find businesses and services
Spring 2023


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