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Worth a detour: The Marokopa River Valley

Fiona Thomson

Next time you’re in the Waitomo area (the Waikato region of the North Island) it’s worth the detour to check out three natural landmarks that are really close together, on the Te Anga Road.

Mangapohue land bridge

The naturally-occurring Mangapohue land bridge is the 1st attraction. There is a well-formed DOC path through pleasant bush to view the spectacular 17 metre high naturally occurring land bridge.

The fern-covered land bridge spans across the cliffs each side of the Mangapohue stream, forming a stunning bush-covered arch.
(October ’22: the track is closed due to weather-related erosion. Check the DOC website for updates.)

PiriPiri Caves

The second stop is a short drive further down the road, to the Piripiri Caves.

The walk in was even more fascinating than the cave itself, with this area being filled with interesting rock formations: you could spend a bit of time spotting ancient sea life fossils.

Marokopa Falls

The third stop was to the Marokopa Falls. Another short bush walk leads to the viewing platform where the 35 metre classic waterfall sprays out above you.

Sturdy footwear is recommended, as scenic tracks can sometimes be muddy (and slippery) in this gorgeous river valley.

Note: You can’t take your dogs with you on any of these walks.


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