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4 Winter 2023



Camping The Kiwi Way, Winter 2023



Table of Contents

2 Small town friendly

4 Editorial: The good news

4 One hundred nights a year

4 Winter’s not going to stop Mavis

5 ‘Let’s go south for a few weeks’

6 Why we chose our Swift Sprite Quattro caravan

7 I am on track

7 Eight degrees of harm

8 Halfway through my 73 days traveling

9 Greenies on the road: Managing food scraps

10 A stove jack

11 It was cold at Mavora Lakes. Plenty of snow around.

12 Winter's here...  Tips and tricks

13 Pegs for tough weather

13 Quinneys Bush Family Holiday Camp

14 Get on ya bike

16 Two long blacks and a cheese scone

17 I did it! My very first solo camping and tramping trip!

18 Gold miner Wattie Thompson

19 Before the cyclone: Freedom Camping  Eastern Hawke's Bay, Winter 2022

23 Winter at Nokomai Station

23 CampFest — Bulls, 2023

24 Kiwi Burn Hut Loop Track, Mavora Lakes: A family test

26 Waikato west coast road trip

27 Camping as a young family

27 Recipes for camping: Vege Nachos

27 Our morning view, heater on 

28 Game: Fill in the grid

29 Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 2023

33 Stop and Stay

The Store cafe and camp – Kekerungu (Marlborough)

Lakelands Holiday Park, Whanganui

34 NZers go camping:  clubs & groups : Life of Van

34 EVENTS — Camping

35 EVENTS — Festivals and shows

36 Self containment changes in brief

37 RV & Camper business services

47 Coffee Time


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