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Camping The Kiwi Way, Summer 2023
• Well worth the walk. Wild. Magnificent. • Mavis and all her DIY: Here’s a brilliant idea… • Who is advocating for NZ campers? • Tips for a family camping trip. • 50 years camping at Morison’s Bush • RV & camper services
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An El Niño summer gives a sterner edge to commonsense precautions. Caught in the middle or a camper upgrade? Encourage the small towns to love us.
Self-containment certification: Which one is yours?
Identify which kind of self containment you have, and be clear about where you are allowed to camp, so you can avoid fines and hassles
What to do?
With the new self-containment system in disarray, what do you do with your new build, conversion or upgrade? Four choices.
The freedom camping law needs to change
Seven things to fix • Use the current standard. • Remove the fixed toilet fetish. • Remove the offence “preparing to freedom camp” — who can determine intentions? • Make the delivery of offence notices fair. • Remove the revised definition of homelessness. • Ensure adequate facilities for all travellers. • Differentiate between citizens and tourists.
Well worth the walk
Wharariki Beach is a wild, magnificent, and windswept long sandy beach, home of the Archway Islands, and can be found at the northernmost point of the South Island — west of Cape Farewell
Teardrop camping
Teardrop camping
Mavis and all her DIY
It all started with needing a new roof hatch… well not exactly needing, but more a case of wanting. Out with the old and in with the new.
You have to be here…
We gathered in Alexandra in Autumn, four of us and a dog. It’s a great season for biking in Central Otago, not too hot, and the weather is usually settled.
Who is advocating for New Zealanders who go camping?
Three national groups speak on behalf of NZ campers: the All Points Camping Club of NZ, the NZMCA, and the Responsible Campers Association
Biking the Waikato River Trails
Here’s the exciting opportunities for your stay and cycle journey on the Waikato River Trails.
Dehydrated dinners
Initially I bought a dehydrator to make fruit snacks for tramping. Over time, friends inspired me to use my dehydrator to make pre-cooked dinners.
There’s no need to rush this Summer. Is it better on the other side?
The new self-containment regulations that the Plumbers, Gasfitters and Drainlayers Board are trying to implement have more bumps, twists and turns than the North Island Saddle Road.
Fire safety: Caravans and sleep-outs
Caravans and sleep-outs are great fun, but they also carry a much greater risk of fire than a traditional home. These tips will help keep you safe:
Fire blankets
Fire blankets are useful for covering cooking related fires, and for wrapping around a person to smother a clothing fire.
Lithium-ion battery safety
Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are everywhere, from e-bikes & vapes and power tools. They are light, compact, and long-lasting, but can be a fire hazard if they are damaged, mishandled, or improperly disposed of.
LiFePO4 are a safe choice for a motorhome or caravan
Phosphate-based batteries, like lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, offer a superior chemical and mechanical structure that does not overheat to unsafe levels.
The best medicine
Sometimes the best medicine you need is going somewhere with no phone signal so you can spend the whole day just giving each other shit.
Electrical warrant of fitness certifications
Well the holiday season is almost upon us and nearly here, and everyone will be getting their caravans, motorhomes and boats checked to make sure everything is operational.
Van tour of the op shops
We love freedom camping, and great charity recycle shops. My vintage-clothes-obsessed daughter and I did a wee roadie and filled her with treasures (lower North Island).
Bus Porn at Winter Woodie
Bus Porn at Winter Woodie, Woodville, June.
RV Fridge Basics
Most fridges are essentially pumps. They move heat from where it is not wanted to where it does not matter. All work like this. They differ in how they do it — and also how well they do it. This article covers the basics.
NZers go everywhere to camp
This trip is the adventure I’ve dreamed of my whole life. Something different that will challenge me and possibly the closest I can get to Timbuktu for now, so I’m super excited.
The worst part about going camping is coming home!
Being out in nature and sitting around the fire sharing stories is my happy place as I’m sure it is for many people.
Ten tips for a successful family camping trip
If you’re preparing to head off on your Summer family camping trip, whether it’s a short trip or a long trip, we’ve put together 10 tips to make your trip just that bit smoother.
Car journeys with kids
No matter the age of your children, there’s always the car journey and the inevitable “are we there yet?” and “how much longer?”
Sunday morning flag raising
Sunday morning flag raising The Bay of Plenty family camp at Paengaroa.
8 days a week and 8 years to celebrate
On the 31 December 2023 our inclusive, national camping club will be 8 years old. The All Points Camping Club was officially launched 31 December 2015. It’s been a journey and a half.
NZ’s independent national network for self-containment certification authority
With a national network of more than 170 self-containment testing officers, NZ Lifestyle Camping supports the NZ leisure camping industry
Do you need a permit for your BBQ?
No fire permit is needed for a charcoal BBQ in a restricted fire season if you meet certain safety requirements. No fire permit is needed for gas BBQs but here is how to do it safely.
Sharing the summertime
I was incredibly lucky to be invited to visit at a ‘permanent’ summer camp run by a 4WD club, several summers ago.
Looking good
Looking good. I hit the Patrol with the automotive cleaner from motomuck and the old girl’s looking better than ever!
50 years of camping at Morison’s Bush
I think it was 1973 when I first went camping at Morison’s Bush.
Mt Cook from the Lake Pukaki
Mt Cook from the Lake Pukaki freedom camping area. ©2023 M Richardson
DOC update
Coromandel , Hector’s dolphins, Kaimai tracks, Tongariro Alpine Crossing, The Heaphy Track, Pike29 Memorial Track , southern tracks, Hump Ridge Track
Word search: Tent camping
Here’s a word search relating to camping in a tent.
Nothing but blue skies…
From my early years a blue sky has affected me and inspired me beyond comprehension, it has always spoken to me of distant horizons and unexplored parts.
Battle Hill Farm Forest Park: A great Summer camping spot
This super affordable camp ground close to Wellington, Hutt Valley and Kapiti is situated on a former farm and a significant historical site.
Coffee while wild camping
How do you prepare your coffee while wild camping? It’s fresh ground beans in an aeropress for me!
Horahora Domain
Horahora Domain has everything any water-sport enthusiast could want. Situated right on the banks of the Waikato River, 2 mins off SH 1 it is the perfect stop whether you’re heading north or south.
It was a winter stay by the river in Reefton, on The West Coast. We are allowed 2 consecutive nights (certified self-contained).
Snow on the mountain
Snow on the mountains behind Reefton
EVENTS — Camping
Camping events this summer.
Hi, I’m Fran
Hi, I’m Fran and I have lived on the road a long time. It’s a great life.
EVENTS — Festivals and Shows
Events for people who camp. Some are restricted to certified self contained vehicles, some restrict or ban pets. Check the event website for details.
The end of the road
End of the road, top of the west coast, north of Karamea, one of New Zealand’s truly isolated places.
Highly recommended
Rv & Camper services
Find the services you need for your camping or motorhoming.
Summer 2023


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