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Camping The Kiwi Way, Winter 2023
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Let’s go south for a few weeks’
‘Let’s go South for a few weeks.’
‘How many weeks?’
‘How about six?’ 
‘OK. let’s see how it goes.’
Winter’s not going to stop Mavis
Winter’s not going to stop Mavis enjoying one of the many spots available at Pahoia Beach Park! 
Bay of Plenty. ©2023 Cheine Matheson
Editorial: The good news
The really good news: only 47 infringements issued: 0.03% of the freedom campers.
Until Jun 6 2023 we called the ability to contain your waste for 3 days ‘self-containment.’
Small town friendly
Here are some suggestions on how to go about attracting campers to your town.
Let people know, 
give them a reason, 
make them welcome. A social and economic boost to your small town
Why we chose our Swift Sprite Quattro caravan
We’ve had heaps of people have asked us for feedback on our caravan and why we chose it so here it is.
make a list of your must-haves to make your day to day life easy and enjoyable
One hundred nights a year
I am on track with my original goal of 100 nights away per year and mountain bike as much as I can in other regions.
Greenies on the road: Managing food scraps
I’ve been turning our food scraps into compost for many a year now, and there’s no way I’m sending them to the landfill now. We chose to use bokashi buckets in our housetruck, as we already had them. A worm farm could also work, though bokashi is possibly more forgiving and takes all food waste — bones and shells included.
8 degrees of harm
Societal harm caused by the new self contained motor vehicles legislation. With change there always consequences. While some changes are positive and beneficial sometimes consequences cause a degree of harm.
Should the NZ tourism ministry should be making decisions for NZ’s recreation campers?
Self containment changes in brief
What you need to know if you are currently self-contained, currently certified self-contained, planning to be self-contained, not self-contained, or wanting to freedom camp, now the law has changed.
Where you can camp has changed too
A stove jack
Best mod for camping so far, a stove jack that I got sewn into the awning. Keil MacDiarmid ©2023 Keil MacDiarmid
It was cold at Mavora Lakes
It was cold at Mavora Lakes. Plenty of snow around. I think the Mrs thought I was a bit crazy suggesting a night away in the van this time of year
Winter’s here…
How do you make winter camping more comfortable? Here’s a few favourite tips and tricks for keeping warm, dealing with cold, wind, rainy days, and embracing the colder months outdoors for enjoyable winter camping trips. It just takes a little extra preparation and the right gear.
No summer bugs
, no too-hot nights: winter van life can be magnificent.
Pegs for tough weather
A commercial and a DIY (metal) version of a peg for windy weather.
I am on track
I am on track with my original goal of 100 nights per year & mountain bike as much as I can in other regions. Teardrop. © 2023 Andrew Morton
Get on Ya Bike
For the novice cyclist, the historical Karangahake Gorge cycle/walking track — along the old railway embankment— is a safe and gentle way to introduce an inexperienced cyclist.
The trail is mostly flat, and the terrain easy as it winds beside the Ohinemuri River.
Two long blacks and a cheese scone
No, this is not about 12 weeks of coffee tasting around the South Island in a small van by a couple of over 80s
don’t wait until you have that luxury rig, just go and do it
I did it!
My very first solo camping and tramping trip! 
Two epic days in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.
Two epic days in Aoraki/Mt Cook National Park.
Gold miner Wattie Thompson
I came across this derelict house built by Wattie Thompson who had panned the river for gold for over 50 years.
Before the cyclone: Freedom Camping, Eastern Hawke’s Bay, Winter 2022
We feel so privileged and fortunate to have made this journey a year ago, gathering such beautiful memories of the landscape as it was.
Our thoughts are with all the locals who have suffered so greatly from the recent weather events which have devastated this area.
Winter at Nokomai Station
Winter at Nokomai Station on the way to Queenstown. ©2023 Dallas Hibbs
CampFest — Bulls, 2023
Several hundred campers, locals and visitors met at Bulls Domain in March for the first CampFest. An inclusive camping event for all types of camper with live music and market stalls.
We are looking forward to the next CampFest in 2024— bring it on!
Kiwi Burn Hut Loop Track, Mavora Lakes
Many trampers have vouched that Kiwi Burn Hut is a popular and great option for families, so we thought we’d check it out and put it to a true family-friendly test. With my toddler (and his dada) in tow, we set out to do the full Kiwi Burn Loop Track and spend one night at the hut halfway through.
The final verdict is in: Kiwi Burn Hut is the perfect hut for families with young children.
Waikato west coast road trip
We headed to Raglan along some back country roads.
Whaanga Rd was not too difficult to negotiate in our 6m campervan.
Camping as a young family
Our story begins in December of 2022 shortly after the birth of our second child, we decided that now was as good of a time as any to dip our toes into the world of caravanning.
Fast forward six months: countless adventures with friends and family.
Quinneys Bush Family Holiday Camp
Looking for a one stop camp for the family with the dog as well ? Then Quinneys Bush is the place to go.
Check out their online virtual tour.
Our morning view, heater on
Our morning view, heater on. Ruapehu. Hoping for warmer when we get to Kimbolton today. ©2023 Helen Garthwaite
Vege nachos: Recipes for camping
This recipe is easy to make. It uses mostly tinned foods so is a great meal to make when you are running low on fresh foods or if you have no fridge.  Increase or decrease the quantities of the ingredients depending on how many people you are feeding.
Kimbolton Sculpture Festival 2023
The annual festival is a mix of small to very large artworks, sculptures with mainly a rural theme, put together using all manner of bits and pieces from shearing blades to bike tyres.
recycled and found materials, gems from the back of the shed, made into unique sculptures
Fill in the grid: campers in winter
Each of the underlined words below should be recorded into the list on the left. Place each word according to the number of letters in the word. Then transfer the words into the Fill-it-in-grid.
Halfway through my 73 days traveling
Left Auckland 34 days ago, halfway through my 73 days traveling the South Island. Now in Cromwell then Arrowtown on the weekend. Noticed that it’s getting colder. Now I appreciate my diesel heater. ©2023 Roland Jones
The Store cafe and camp – Kekerungu (Marlborough), Stop and Stay
It is a popular stopping point. It’s a wee gem to stop and chill out at, even on short notice.
Stop and Stay
Lakelands Holiday Park, Whanganui, Stop and Stay
Just a 10 minute drive from Whanganui, on the shores of Lake Witiroa, the park is a lovely spot with everything you need for a chilled-out family holiday.
Stop and Stay
Group: Life of Van
Life of Van NZ FB Page is a private group with a positive vibe, giving everyone from weekend warriors to van life veterans a place to connect.
NZ lifestyle camping
NZ Lifestyle Camping supports a national network of more than 160 self-containment testing officers throughout NZ and is committed to supporting the NZ leisure camping industry.
Coffee Time
Coffee time. ©2023 Willis Blevins
These events offer an opportunity for people to overnight while they attend. Some are restricted to certified self contained vehicles, some restrict or ban pets. Check the event website for details.
Camps and camping occasions this Winter.
RV & Camper business services
Find business to help you with your camper or RV.
Winter 2023


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